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GRE Center

House 2/1, Block A,
Lalmatia (Opposite to Dhanmondi Boys' School),
Opening Hour
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday Closed

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Glossary/Terminologies used in this website:

School: In general, the Universities (specifically the department or discipline of the university where you are going) are called school. In this website we have mentioned "school" every time to indicate the University or department in the USA.
ASR: Additional Score Report for GRE or TOEFL. During original GRE and TOEFL examination you are able to send your score to a number of schools free of cost. For sending scores to schools other than those schools you need to place online order to ETS.
SOP: Statement of Purpose. A two-page essay written by prospective student. The student should mention briefly about his background, current status and the reason behind choosing this school, and also (long & short term) future goals.

LOR: Letters of Recommendation. It is an official letter, written in letter-head pad by a professor or mentor or employer of the applicant.
FOR: Forms of Recommendation. This is similar to LOR, but the format is fixed, and the issuing person is supposed to put score in various criteria as mentioned in the FOR. Some FOR are online, where the issuing person should log on and submit without any knowledge of the applicant student.

F1 visa: It is other name of US Student Visa. The spouse and children of the student are issued an F2 visa.
F2 visa: It is the other name of Dependant visa.
CAT: Computer Adaptive Test. The exam is taken in computer and computer determines every question on the basis of your response to previous question. The score of the questions are determined on the basis of its difficulty level. GRE is an example of CAT, but TOEFL is not a CAT.
CBT: Computer Based Test.

Credentials: Any document that is submitted as a support of your identity. Credentials include University Certificate, Testimonials and Transcripts.
: This symbol used in this website to mean that GRE Center can help the student/applicant in this aspect.
SEVIS: Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a database of homeland Security, to collect, track and monitor information regarding exchange visitors, international students and scholars who enter the United States on F, M or J visas.
SEVIS Fee: Before applying for Visa interview, you need to submit $200 SEVIS Fee. GRE Center keeps lowest charge in the country to pay your SEVIS fees.
Consular: A person in the Embassy office, he/she takes your visa interview.
Verification latency: After visa interview, the consular may not issue your visa immediately; and they may ask you to wait until they contact you. This time is called verification latency. During this time the security agencies verifies the information you provided.
I-20: It is the shorter name for Form I-20. The school prepares it and then sends to you. The I-20 form mentions your total funding, probable expenditure, and your duration of the stay, as well as date of entering USA.
N number on I-20 form: This number is unique for the school where you are going. You need N number for paying SEVIS fees.
Form I-94: This is a form that you need to fill up in the aircraft before landing in the USA. The immigration officer at the airport will keep this filled form and staple a part of it with your passport. This stapled part is very important, which is the only way to prove that you entered USA legally.

SAT Related:

Registration for SAT Reasoning test ($75) 7,200 Tk. Others keep 800 Tk. more than us!
Registration for SAT 3 Subject tests ($79) 7,700 Tk. Others keep 800 Tk. more than us!

Sending Additional Score Report (ASR) of SAT:

We are offering all services related to SAT at the cost of 90 Tk per USD with no extra service charge.
Example: if you want to send 8 ASR (10 USD per ASR, a total of 80 USD) of SAT, then you need to pay us 80x90=7200 BDT.
Read instruction at www.grecenter.net/pay

GRE Related:

Others keep
We keep

Registering GRE
You save 800 with us

Sending ASR* to 1 Institute
You save 700 with us

Sending ASR to 2 Institute
You save 300 with us

Sending ASR to 3 Institute
You save 200 with us

Sending ASR to 4 Institute
You save 200 with us

Sending ASR to 5 Institute
Please split it as 4+1. Follow this formula for higher number of institutes.

GRE Rescheduling*
You save 500 with us

GRE Canceling*
(-) 6,000
Others may not give this service to you.

If you want us to send GRE ASR over phone, please pay Tk 300 additional.

What you need to do:

Read instruction at www.grecenter.net/pay
In the case of your not being able to log on to your account, we can send your GRE ASR over phone. In that case, you will need to provide us the above three things, along with your date of birth.
We charge 300 Taka extra for the orders over phone.
To know the University codes, go to http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/GRE/pdf/gre_0910_tclist.pdf.
Remember University code is same for GRE and TOEFL. But Same subject has different code for GRE (4 digit) and TOEFL (2 digit, excluding zero).
For Canceling GRE exam, the original registration must have been done from us.
You need to get your GRE order Cancel only by us, if you originally do the registration from us.
We will not be able to complete your service if you send us incorrect user name and password. In that case we will contact you through email, and you need to provide us correct info.

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