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Diganta Television

Diganta Television
166, Syed Nazrul Islam Sharani
Al-Razi Complex, Purana Paltan
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Opening Hour
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday Closed

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Suborno Shokal

Everyday 8:05 am LIVE

Shastho Diganta

Every Saturday 9:05 am LIVE

Probashe Bangladesh

Every Wednesday 12:30 am LIVE

Duranta Khobor

Every Saturday 6:00 pm

Shorol Path

Every Monday, Tuesday & Friday 6:05 pm

Get Safe

1st & Mid Friday of the month 9:25 PM

Diganta Program Department: A Promise to Elevate Ethics and Values
Diganta Television has taken it as a challenge to protect our cultural uniqueness and social ethics from the grasp of bad satellite influence. This challenge is inserted into the brave Diganta crews’ hearts. To improve the quality of the programs and attain popularity, research and discussions are done on regular basis.
“Diganta is the only channel which can be enjoyed by the whole family together” – placing this resolution before, D-tv is striving hard to be in the stream of pure entertainment. Numerous viewers with their simple and elegant minds are supporting us to go ahead and inspiring us to be with truth and elegance at any cost.
Islamic Programs:
Diganta is telecasting two Islam-learning programs: ‘Path ebong Patheo’ and ‘Patheo Protidin’ based on the Quran and Sahih hadiths. D-tv has deeper and cautious concern regarding Islamic programs. These programs have brought the opportunity to know the best fundamental rules and regulations of Islam and to understand minute contradiction between Islam and Jahiliyah. Here melodious recitation from the holy Quran with amusing calligraphy is shown on regular basis. On the one hand, the pleasant and dignified words of the Quran fill people’s hearts with devotion; on the other hand, the visual art brings pleasure to their eyes.
Diganta is telecasting five more Islamic programs considering the taste of different ages and occupations. People may learn about philosophy of life from the program. “Alokito Path o Sharal Path” produced by Anwarul Karim Kajal. People can learn the authentic rules and regulations or Masala-masail from this program. Mahbub Murshed produces another program ‘Jiban Onnesha’ telecasted on every Friday which picturises the quest of people towards Islamic living.
Kids’ Shows:
Nowadays many chirpy programs for kids are available, but there is very little effective entertainment for them. None of those can soothe properly these divine minds. Not only there is lack of juvenile literature which is a catalyst to their positive mental growth, but also there is a scarcity of proper entertainment for them.
Considering this fact, Diganta has arranged different programs for kids and teenagers. Some of those serve for edu-tainment and some for info-taintment. These are of course playing vital role to bring up children in a manner that they may become honest and efficient leaders of the nation in future. Every Friday, Diganta airs two programs for kids named ‘Shokal Belar Pakhi’ and ‘Mele Dhori Icchaaguli’. We also air ‘Iqra’ which teaches children the holy Quran.
Programs for the Youth:
A great percentage of our total population is the youth. For this spirited generation, Diganta has arranged programs like ‘School Angina’, ‘Career Line’ and ‘Science Dot Com’. ‘School Angina’ is an enjoyable program based on different schools of the country. ‘Career Line’ is giving advice and proper guidance to build strong careers, and ‘Science Dot Com’ presents various scientific and technological information before them. Another program ‘Pothe Prantore’ is made for pedestrians where people of different occupation participate. In addition, ‘Chena-Ochena’ is a program which provides a lot of unknown information about many places around the world.
Programs for the females:
Still today, women of this country are economically helpless and socially deprived of their strong existence and the sense of self. Diganta has some programs featuring strong women who have overcome the agony by striving hard against the odds in our society, and also has some other programs to give the deprived women a respected position in the society. Those indomitable women share their exciting experiences in the program ‘Aparajita’. Another program ‘Islam and Women’ describes the position of women in Islam and explains the present condition of women in the so-called progressive society. These two programs already have become popular to everybody.
Drama is an important medium of entertainment. Therefore, Diganta airs 7 daily soaps on 7 consecutive days a week. These daily soaps are written by famous writers and directed by renowned directors. These dramas of course play an important role in entertaining Diganta’s viewers, upholding our social and family values and bringing in qualitative change in this sphere of amusement.
Talk Shows and Other Programs:
‘Shahittya Diganta’ is for literature-lovers. Diganta has recently introduced a program called “Public Parliament” which enhances the scope to the deprived and impoverished people to raise voice for their rights and problems. D-tv’s microphone has reached the strong and rigid hands of wage earners and deprived people. This program declares solidarity with the mass people in terms of neutral and true opinion which seems to them like a raindrop in the draught.
‘Shobar Aage Desh’ and ‘Diganta Shonglap’ are two analytical programs for sensible people and viewers with socio-political awareness. Many renowned analysts and intellectuals participate in these programs. Their minute forecasts make the nation cautious, rational and critical.
Music Program:
Diganta produces from its own production 10 musical shows which prove that Diganta is one of the best medium of entertainment. ‘Dakhin Hawa’ is shot at various outdoor locations suitable for modern songs. The program of folk songs ‘Ektara Dotara’ touches the hearts of the simple villagers as well as city-dwellers. The innocent villagers have the treasure of rare ‘Vawaia’ songs’ collection which are written and tuned by them. ‘Nidhua Pathar’ is another program which presents our cultural heritage of music and songs. Classical, band, songs of Nazrul and Rabindranath, country songs, old golden songs and Islamic songs are offered in different other programs.
Beside every hour’s news, these programs of Diganta Television have given a perfect attribute to the world of information and entertainment.
Our nation is going ahead towards success with the dignified spirit of freedom and sovereignty. The media are supposed to fuel this spirit of being a unique nation to the fullest degree. Our country’s each and every print and electronic media must play a vital role to protect the nation from the grasp of filthiness, and should inspire the nation to become conscious and self-dependent by providing authentic information with modest amusement. Dtv is trying best to fulfill this duty successfully; – this is our firm belief, and this is our strength. If we get support and good wishes from all spheres of the society, we will definitely go ahead with more vigor and confidence. With this hope, once again we want to utter – ‘Go ahead Bangladesh’...
This is what accelerates Diganta’s forward steps.

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