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Bangladeshi Magazine On Energy And Power Sectors - Energy & Power

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Traditional sources of energy have adverse affects on environment. In order to minimize such affect the concept of environment friendly energy solution has been developed. Energy sector leaders are considering as many options as possible including use of renewable energy as well as optimum utilization of the energy.
Bangladesh is an energy deficit country like other countries in the region and most of the people do not have adequate access to the energy and power. The country is completely dependent on fossil energy source; at the same time, it is one of the most inefficient energy using countries in the world by all means.
It lacks of efficiency in planning, management, generation, distribution, load management and even at end user level consumption.
In spite of the above drawbacks, issues relating to utilization of renewable energy, exploring alternative use of energy, planned use of environment friendly energy are significantly undermined in Bangladesh.
The biggest challenge of Bangladesh is to find a path for balanced growth of its energy sector. Despite of its resource constraints, EP dynamically strives to provide with flow of energy sector information and create public awareness; so that the policymakers get guideline and platform for the sustainable development of energy sector in Bangladesh.

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