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Vinnya Jagat

VinnyaJagat Ltd.
Ganjipur, Rangpur,
Opening Hour
Saturday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Monday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM

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VINNYA JAGAT means a Land in a different world or planet and with something indifferent and extraordinary, in reality it is so - it is exceptional and wonderful but not in a different world or planet, “VlNNYA JAGAT” is in our world of beauty. It is in RANGPUR District. To prove the reality you are to visit “VINNYA JAGAT". From RANGPUR medical college it is only 15 minutes drive to reach "VINNYA JAGAT”

‘’VINNYA JAGAT” with its natural and charming environment is providing the nourishment of one‘s mind and gives a relief from the busy and mechanical life, The tireless efforts Architects, Engineers, well wishers and countless labors from local and abroad are behind the beautification of “WINNYA JAGAT” Every month new additions are coming and everything is to your choice and taste. Giant sculptures represent the fabulous artistic works, Visit of thousands of visitor and tourists give the recognition of “VINNYA JAGAT" as one of the best recreational and tourist spots in Bangladesh.

In addition to recreation “VINNYA JAGAT" plays another important role in the field of education for children and travelers. The FIRST PLANETARIUM of our country where one can have the glimpse of the size of universe, is established in this “VINNYA JAGAT" The children can have the ideas of the sizes of a Giraffe, a Dragon or a Dinosaur and say how big they are, One can find a traditional village and a modern village here in *’VINNYA JAGAT", Students will Find their heroes of the soil of Bangladesh and memorial for the language movement and Liberation War of Bangladesh,

“VlNNYA JAGAT"provides the facilities of shopping complex, Community centre, Conference room, Swimming Pool, 23 Room Resort/Hotel, Cottage for Picnic party, Rest house etc. The attraction for the children are Shishoo Kanon, Mary-go-round, Helicopter, Flying zone, Nagordola, Kangaroo Moving, Spider zone, Bumper Car, Space Journey, Cold-Touch Icy World, Lake Drive, Airplane Rider, Swan Cafe etc. All these are for you and your children and to your choice. "VlNNYA JAGAT" has its close circuit camera facilities and information centre for your security, You will have the world wide telecommunication and internet facilities in "VINNYA JAGAT". Before 10 years one European conservative traveler might have said "Initiatives are there but the dreams are far off"’. Today definitely the same traveler will say " One who has not seen the setting in "VINNYA JAGAT" has not seen the beauty of Bengal” So "VINNYA JAGAT" says, "We welcome you to "VINNYA JAGAT". Welcome you again in the festivals of Eid, Puja, New Years and marriage receptions. And for leisure entertainment, Picnic, Seminars, Discussion meetings stay in the luxurious hotel Dream Place and enjoy the beauties of night in "VINNYA JAGAT"

Entry TICKETS: With Walk- TK 20 Per Person
1) Bus/Minibus- 500/= including passenger2) Microbus- 200/= including passenger3) Car- 100/= including passengerRides and others:1) All General Rides- 5/=2) Planetorium- 30/=3) 3D Movie- 20/=4) Plane Journey- 20/=5) Swimingpool- 20/=6) Launch Journey- 10/=7) Padal Boat- 10/=8) Borofer Desh- 5/=9) Ajob Guha- 5/=10) Horse Riding- 10/= Operating Hours: VinnyaJagat remains open all throgh the year. Opening time is 8.00 am. Closing time depends upon crowd conditions and weather , but mostly closes at 7.30 pm. PARKING: 1) Car, Bus, Minibus parking are free of cost. 2) Cycle, Motorcycle and Rickshaw parking are near the front gate. Motorcyle parking is Tk 10 and Cycle parking is Tk 5 per vehicle. HOTEL PACKAGES ( fully air conditioned 3 STAR TYPE): HOTEL NAMED DREAM PALACE Vip room - tk 3500 and Economy room : Tk 2500 (BREAKFAST FREE) REST HOUSE: AC ROOM : TK 1400 & NON AC ROOM : TK 800 Restaurant facilities available RIDES & shows: The park features 35 major rides VINNYAJAGAT RIDES: 1) AMON MOJA HOI NA !! 2) MERRY_GO_ROUND 3) CHONDO POTON !! 4) AKASH BHROMON!! 5) AMRA SHOBAI RAJA!! SHOWS/ATTRACTION: PLANETARIUM, 3D ZONE, BOROFER DESH, STAGE PROGRAMME, Fishing/Angling

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