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The Pink City Xenovalley

Dizen Garden (Ground Level)
49, Lake Circus, Kalabagan
Dhanmondi, Dhaka -1205
Opening Hour
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday Closed
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Our beloved motherland has got its independence more than 36 years since now. There elapsed quite a lot of time to develop the nation. But can we be satisfied with the level of development so far been achieved by us? The answer is defenitely \'no\'. There are countries having been developed in a pace much faster than us although they were lagging behind of us even some ten-twenty years ago. One of the reason for their development in such a faster way is their capabilities to equip science & technology and its appliances in all spheres of their national life. So the most significant reason of our unsatisfiable condition is that we could not adopt and equip the appliances of science & technology in the spheres of our lives as per the demand of the time. Adopting the appliances of science & technology does not require higher education or qualification. It only requires proper and far-sighted planning and the execution of that planning with devotion. We have got a huge number of population, from this we can bring forth adequate number of manpower to be utilised in the highly growing-up fields of technology. These manpower can be treated as the \'bonus premium\' of our human resource industry. But it should also be taken into consideration that these raw manpower resource should be undergone or trained into semi-skilled or skilled levels. The enterprises of ICS first came into being in September 1993 incorporated as a private limited company named \"Integrated Computer Services (Bangladesh) Ltd\" in Bangladesh. It was started with the operations of computer systems like software development, hardware design, development and marketing. After achieving a significant level of success in its business, it expanded for launching a real estate company in 1996. The enterpreneours behind this group are compitent to withstand in fulfilling the demand of the current business necessities and thus welcomed to diversify their business fields in constructing Satellite Towns in the name of XENOVALLEY MODEL TOWN (BD) LTD, XENOVALLEY HOLDINGS LTD. and some other associate ventures like DESIGN CARE, TRIOD COMPUTERS INC, ICS MULTIMEDIA etc. Aims and Targets of the Group The Group is aimed to enhance the awareness level of the masses to adopt and utilize in practice the latest achievements of science and technology for their better living. It has been trying to develop the skills of the common people especially in the field of technology since inception. The main target of the Group is to utilise the resources with us effeciently. Incorporating all these above the aims and targets of the Group has been summerized in following lines- \"We\'re aimed to ensure proper and effecient utilization of the resources by professionalism and perfect distribution of labour and thus to attain the well-being for the humanity.\" Group Overview ICS Business Group has been launched in the early nineties. It expedited the business opportunities in the field of information and communication technology under the leadership of Mr. Md. Salah Uddin as Managing Director of Integrated Computer Services (Bangladesh) Ltd. as an IT professional of computer engineering background. He took bold-face steps to welcome USA-based companies for utilizing our low-cost human resources in software industries. In pursuance of this approach ICS Bangladesh Ltd was involved in a joint venture IT business with a USA-based company- perhaps it was the first Bangladesh-USA joint collaboration in IT industry. After making successful achievements in IT business, the group diversified its wings into real estate sector. This real estate venture has successfully completed some significant housing projects in different areas of the city. Then the concept of ‘Xenovalley’ came into day light with the approaches of long-term planned and harmonious development of community life-style. Xenovalley came into being in 1996. It was incorporated as two private limited companies. One in the name of Xenovalley Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. and the other Xenovalley Model Town (Pvt.) Ltd. Xenovalley Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. is engaged in developing apartment buildings while Xenovalley Model Town (Pvt.) Ltd. is engaged in constructing planned townships at the suitable outscirts of the crowded city area. Soon the growth of total assets has been rise up to strong position in a very short period. Corporate Management and Human Resources: The Group clearly has a dynamic and inspired management. Each of the Group companies operates as an independent entity headed by the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director while overall strategic objectives and the corporate management committee sets financial targets. To achieve targets, the group employs highly qualified and well-trained staffs. Each operating unit has its own human resources department, which is supported centrally by the Group’s Human Resources Department (HRD) at the corporate head office. The HRD is responsible for providing policy guidelines and systems to facilitate the recruitment, development and maintenance of a high achieving work force. Management Excellence- dynamic strategy with far-sighted planning: The most significant achievement of this group is supposed to be the dynamism with far-sightedness in strategic planning. While developing housing projects in discrete building blocks, the management could foresee the immense necessity of providing harmonious accommodation of the essential amenities and services for its dwellers within the boundaries of the estate. The discrete and isolated approach of developing ‘here and there’ building blocks of this time will be an obvious to change into long-term integrated housing system. Xenovalley is the first and leading real estate Company that introduced satellite model township concept in Bangladesh, and this has become possible only by virtue of its excellent management. Moreover the group employs people with excellent capability in managing cash flows and projects and handling of economic trend to predict the market demand. ASSOCIATE CONCERNS OF THIS GROUP To face the challenges of the new millenium it is not sufficient to live with the traditional betterment as are being provided within us, rather we have to enhance the usages and utilities of our lives. Now is the question of doing things considering the best utilisation of the resources in the scale of time-out effeciency. At the aim of this new orientation ICS BUSINESS GROUP was formed by some dedicated enterprenours of this country. The Group by extending its business wings over home and abroad is now randering its services on different disciplines. A brief overview of the concerns of this Group has been mentioned below- INTEGRATED COMPUTER SERVICES (BANGLADESH) LTD Comprising with highly skilled computer professionals it involves in the fields of Computer System Design & Networking, Software Systems Design & Development, Computer education etc. It has been working under a joint colloraboration with ADVANCED COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC, Texas, USA and also with another concern at Malaysia named ERA2000 COMPUTER SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. Now it has been set up with the projects of software development and export to the west Eauropean and North American countries. A full fladged Computer Education School is in progress to generate the professional experts in the field of IT. XENOVALLEY MODEL TOWN (BD) LTD It engages a group of highly skilled professionals for the development of Housing Complexes especially in urban areas. It expedates the construction of housing developments in rural areas of Bangladesh with some modalities like Model Villages, Satellite Towns, Parks, Casinos, Resorts etc. It was established in the early 1997 and already the development work of a Satellite Model Town named THE PINK CITY-XENOVALLEY at the north-west part of the Gulshan Thana is in progress. THE PINK CITY-XENOVALLEY is designed with at least 4 Blocks over more than 300 Bighas of land. This concern has already collaborated in a Joint-Venture with a foreign (Malayasian) Business Group named XENOVALLEY MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. for the development of Integrated Satellite township projects over there. XENOVALLEY HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD The group is now significantly concerned with the pace of development of the country especially in the urban areas. The city areas are being developed coping up with the present limitations of our poor infra-structure. But it is significantly required to ensure sustainable infra-structure while developing the urban areas. This concern has been established to serve the city dwellers with the complete approaches of estate living. It has already managed the development and handover of three Apartment buildings - 1) One residential building over 10 Katha at Rd. No.63, Gulshan named Crystal Garden (10 Apartments approximate size 2600 sft. each), 2) One residential building at Mirpur (32 Apartments average size 1100 sft.each), 3) One residential building at Kalabagan (32 Apartments of avg. 1700 sft. named Lake Garden 110, Lake Circus) and another one residential building at 49, Lake Circus, Kalabagan (30 Apartments named Dizen Garden, average size 1500 sft. each). A mini-satellite town named XENOVA VIZIOUS PARKS over approximately 200 Bighas of land at Ashulia, Dhaka is in progress. PINK CITY FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD It is the concern of this group which is engaged in production, distribution and marketing of different beverages and processed foods especially the processed fruit & vegetable snacks. The technology and the mechinaries are originated partly from Germany and partly from Malaysia and Taiwan. This venture is committed to serve our seasonal fruits and some perishable vegetables to be preserved round the air without using preservatives. DESIGN CARE INC. It deals with the planning and design consultancies for construction and development works of different projects. It has been running with highly experienced professional Engineers and Architects who are quite conversant with various modalities of the construction works. The fields of this concern is Landscape, Architecture and Structural design and supervision of construction works and already it has successfully performed the complete design and planning of the XENOVALLEY SATELLITE TOWN and other real estate projects of this group. Business Wings of the Group The Group was started with the activities of Computer training, Software development, Hardware Assembling (Assembling of Computer Systems) and computer aided printings. Gradually it has expanded its activities in the fields of real estate developments, construction and development of residential Apartments, commercial buildings, Satellite Town etc, exports and imports, design and consultancies etc. By now the company has attained a significant outcome in the following fields. Computer System Design and Networking: It involves the assembling of computer systems and Network System as per the user\'s choice and randering services for instalation and maintenance. System Analysis and Software Development: It engages a rich computer professionals in the fields of System Analysis, System Design, Network Design and Installation, Software Development etc of both home and abroad. Computer Education: It is an ideal institution for Computer Education. It offers different courses and disciplines in some basic fields like Computer Science, Business Studies with the Aid of Computer, Hardware Design, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting, Management Information System (MIS) etc for general students. It also offers some Bachelor Certificate Courses of foreign universities of USA, Malayasia and Singapore. Real Estate Development: It involves the construction and development of Real Estate Buildings and Apartments in selective areas of Dhaka, Chittagong and some other important cities of Bangladesh. Two associated ventures under this group named MINARAT HOUSING ESTATE LTD and XENOVALLEY HOLDINGS LTD have been performing the construction and development of real estate and housing projects, since 1996. Development of Model Townships (Satellite Towns): It engages a group of highly skilled professionals for the development of Housing Complexes especially in urban areas. It expedates the construction of housing developments in rural areas of Bangladesh with some modalities like Model Villages, Satellite Towns, Parks, Casinos, Resorts etc. An associate concern of this Group named XENOVALLEY MODEL TOWN (Pvt.) LTD was established to perform its projects. Architectural and Structural Design Consultancy: It deals with the consultancy works of construction and development works of this venture. It has been running with highly experienced professional Engineers and Architects who are quite conversant with various modalities of the construction works. An associate concern of this Group named DESIGNCARE (LTD) has been formed to organize this works. Urban & Deveopment Projects: The group is significant\'s concerned with the slow-pace of development of the country especially in the urban areas. The city areas are being developed coping up with the present limitations of our poor infra-structure. But it is significantly required to ensure sustainable infra-structure while developing the urban areas. XENOVALLEY PINK CITY, VIZIOUS PARKS are the projects to serve the city dewellers with the complete approaches of estate living. Multimedia and Graphics Design: The expert computer designers of this group has launched a new venture named ICS MULTIMEDIA to deliver exclusive graphics presentations. High quality audio, video and multi-media presentations and animation features are served through this venture. UP-COMING PROJECTS: Pink City Seven Star Hotels: We are eager to start working recently on a Seven Star Hotel which will be an unique blend of the best of Eastern and Western hospitality in an atmosphere of unmatched service at its flagship hotel. The group is dedicated to redefine the experience of hotel forever providing luxurious comfort, modern facilities and intuitive technology combined with exceptional, personalised services in it. Pink City International University: A world standard Internaltional University will be founded where talents from every corner of the globe breathe life into the University\'s enormous teaching and research enterprise, and the knowledge they produce and transmit is unconstrained by boundaries on a map. Pink City Hospitals Ltd: Pink City Hospital Ltd., 500-bed community hospital will be the state-of-the-art facility, a model in advanced healthcare design. It will initiate, develop and maintain high quality and safe health care services using sound business practices and fiscal responsibility. In addition, it will provide world standard educational programs for health professionals and for the public, and participation in programs of clinical research. We represent all medical specialties and offer a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs. Pink City Amusement Parks: Whether any one will visit for the first time, or the hundredth, one will feel it ... the anticipation, the expectation. A day at one of Orlando\'s fabulous theme parks is a day like no other. Parents and kids, grandparents and couples, student groups or family reunions ...one notice them all enthralled. Music envelopes all, the aromas are tantalizing, and a kaleidoscope of color greets all at every turn. XENOVALLEY MODEL TOWN (BD) LTD Our Vision The Preferred Gateway for Exceptional Real Estate Experiences Our Mission Dedicated to creating exceptional real estate experiences for our customers and communities through the passionate delivery of Truly Remarkable Service. We pledge to promote a enjoyable, fulfilling and respectful environment, one that is open to change and innovation,providing personal growth opportunities for all. Our Business Principles 1. We consistently treat everyone with courtesy and respect. 2. We are Goodwill Ambassadors who always speak positively about our industry, our company and each other. 3. We identify and anticipate the needs of others and are empowered to take actions that exceed their expectations. 4. We embrace our Vision and Mission believing that our individual performance affects the success of everyone. 5. We will continually focus on Primary Services and incorporate these services as an integral part of our business model and enhance our value proposition. 6. Our demeanor, appearance and facilities reflect our high standards. 7. We encourage an open exchange of ideas throughout the organization. 8. We are committed to identifying inefficiencies and communicating concerns, thus enabling us to improve our performance and systems. 9. We are responsible for protecting the assets and resources of our company. 10. We utilize our superior tools, resources and systems to provide our customers with exceptional service and guidance. 11. To provide the highest level of customer service, we support our family of companies and strategic partners. 12. We seek opportunities to recognize excellence. 13. As people of integrity, we conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards. 14. We foster a culture where diversity is valued and promote an environment free of harassment and discrimination. In a nutshell: Customer focus – we exist because of our customers. It is our customers who acquires our habitats and recommend us to other potential customers. Therefore we strive to delight them by all the premium amenities of living. Innovative R&D – The global business arena has become very competitive and in order to thrive, it is essential that we should always be innovative and creative in our R&D process with new product mix, creative ideas & strategies to acquire and retain our valuable customer base as well as to sustain in the global business to business strategies. Nothing is impossible – We are driven by a “Can Do” attitude. We believe that nothing is impossible when we are passionate and devoted about what we do. CORPORATE PROFILE \"Enhancing the living standards,\" our corporate statement, encapsulates all that we stand for and aspire to—a brighter future for society and everyday life through innovative green living concepts. We start our journey on 1995 with a vision to become number one in real estate industry of Bangladesh. The brain behind crafting contemporary green living abodes was non-other than our chairman and managing director. He had a dream, a dream to cater global standard living concept in urban dwellers of Bangladesh based on current market dynamics. We are the first and only one who has created such a concept and still stands as distinctive as other developers in the real estate industry. THE PINK CITY – Duplex Homes with Landed Property Green Living with urban lifestyle The urban dwellers of Dhaka city always dreaming for living areas with greeneries, tress and plants, open spaces and lakes. A place with a little touch of green, living in a eco-community with caring and sharing neighbors, and breathing clean air, fresh air both inside and outside all year long. Unveiling the dreams of urban dwellers and cooping with the eco-friendly environment, The Pink city was developed with significant aspects of green architecture. Meticulously – planned and perfectly designed, the sleekly modern exterior of The Pink City belies the luxury and richness of the interior, sitting serenely in a guarded community over looking the green landscaping and enveloped by luxuriant foliage, The Pink City is an affluent community of peace and tranquility. The Best Brand of Living The Tapestry of Grace Immaculately designed for the cream de la cream of societies finest. The architecture here is in creating spaces that interrelates, provokes and titillate the green senses. With the casual open layout, every composition of the architectural design exudes eminent and distinguished grace. The open spaces reach out to frame the view of an area of recreational or amenity land planted with grasses that are a standard feature of ornamental private lawns. The location of the open–to-sky terrace, ornamental private lawns and the car porch enjoy sunlight to breathe life and harmony, interconnecting the outdoor to the indoor. Reviving The Living Standards The Contemporary urban abode The Pink City offers all the best valued living elements that requires for your daily life style. It has all the sufficiently designed utility installations and eco-friendly sewerage system to ensure healthy and environment friendly living. It has provisions for all the community amenities for expedient living. An English medium school with GCE standard curriculum has been established to provide preeminent learning for community children’s. A mosque for religious purpose and a commercial area with retail outlets to furnish the daily needs of The Pink City dwellers. A lake to create a recreational environment among The Pink City dwellers. Other than the above mentioned features each Pink City dwellers will enjoy their own private green lawns. Gated & Guarded Community Measures of Protection Live and breathe easily with the advantages of modern security systems such as perimeter fencing with constant round-the-clock protection. The visitor’s management system provides a data entry system to track visitors on date basis. And for added peace of mind 24 hours security surveillance will be available on the premises. So feeling safe and secure is no longer an option. BUSINESS STRATEGY Supporting corporate commitment to innovation and sustainable operations we have a solid management structure backed by balanced management initiatives that stem from three key initiatives: steady Growth, Constant Profitability and bestow Efficiency. At the same time, we actively promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives based on our Corporate Mission and Principles. A key priority is ethical and legal compliance through strengthening internal controls to ensure balance management structure, and other educational measures implemented across the entire consolidated group of associated companies. In addition, we work diligently to protect the environment. Among a host of initiatives, we strive to amplify the level of green surroundings and foster a green living society. BUSINESS SPECIFIC R & D Our ambition since its foundation has been to create the highest-quality living constructions that will absolutely delight its customers. We have pursued R&D activities following themes encapsulated by the words: “intelligence,” sensuousness,” and “reliability”. This approach has helped the Company to continuously propose new forms of housing. And the development of revolutionary new homes and has underpinned our development prowess. Under our R&D structure, we intend to further bolster our R&D capabilities to realize, using our proprietary technologies, even more creative and innovative expressions of “quality.” Human Resources: Our workforce is strongly multi-cultural and have a devolved structure having wide freedom of action and responsibility for its operations. Decisions are made as close as possible to the stakeholders of each business, within a framework of principles, standards, policies, strategies and delegated authorities. We are a leading real estate business organization in the industrial sector employing more than 2,00 employees directly and a further 2,000 indirectly as contractors, sub-contractors, distributors and suppliers. Human Resources has responsibility for energising, developing, retaining and attracting truly talented people all around the company. And with almost 2000 people working for our company, covering 4 markets throughout the world,one can imagine how challenging, yet fulfilling, a career with us could prove. A key part of our work is helping nurture an open, confident and winning culture, where we are all aligned in delivering consumer satisfaction. It’s our job to ensure that people have the opportunity to release their energies in a constructive and focused way. We want our employees to have a clear vision for the business and to foster enthusiasm to drive superior performance. Furthermore, we expect our leaders to engage with their teams and to develop their people. Our culture also encourages ongoing development, so our role includes optimising personal and organisational learning in order to leverage the capability of both the business and the individual to establish the company vision. We strive to match the needs of the organisation and individual aspirations and encourage personal fulfillment. Therefore, success is recognised in ways which are relevant to the individual. HR Mission Statement We are committed to building sustainable competitive advantage for ICS Business Group through the quality, the capability, and ultimately the performance of our people. We aspire to be a world class HR function recognized for its business focus and its support to ICS Business Group management and associates. Values & Behaviors Values and behaviors should serve each & every employees as guidelines and benchmarks in daily work and should especially be helpful during the annual performance review. We at ICS Business Group strive to be: • Results driven • Customer and quality focused • Innovative and creative • Competent • Dedicated to best-practice leadership • Fast, clear, action oriented, taking initiative • Expecting empowerment and accountability • Committed to our work and self-disciplined • Living a culture of mutual respect, candor, trust, integrity, and loyalty Open in our communication, partnership and collaboration, compassionate Areas covered by HR within our organisation includes Managing performance • Measuring & aligning performance • Rewarding performance • Managing & administering benefits Managing organisational learning and development • Managing change • Designing & developing the organisation • Managing organisational climate • Learning in the organisation Resourcing • Recruiting • Selecting and assessing • HR planning Managing careers and development • Assessing competencies and potential • Career development systems • Coaching and mentoring • Training and development Managing employment relations • Managing employment legislation • Managing workplace relations • Managing HR customer services .

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