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# 1. Features

When deciding to start a web hosting company, I set out to offer the most feature rich web hosting products and services available anywhere on the Internet. Our shared hosting services offers unlimited space and bandwidth and comes with the most up to date scripts and email services so that you can build and manage your websites and emails with ease. We’re always adding new features, improving what we already have and partnering up with the industry’s best to offer outstanding deals to our customers. Tarzan Host makes it easy for you to get the most out of your web hosting experience.

#2. Enterprise Network, Servers & 99.9% Uptime

I know that it does not do much good to have a web site that is not online. When your web site is down so are your emails and your online business is unavailable to your customers. This is the #1 area of customer frustration in web hosting and it is the #1 area that our quality assurance team focuses their attention to prevent server failures.

It is essential that in today’s web hosting environment that a web hosting company purchases high quality servers. Server requirements vary radically in a number of areas including disk space, processor speed and connectivity capabilities. Some companies purchase servers with low requirements in some or all of the essential areas, Tarzan Host does not. We purchase robust energy efficient servers with Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors, 24GB DDR3 Ram, large RAID-10 storage arrays for maximum performance & redundancy along with Gigabit connectivity to our switches.

Server uptime is of great importance to our company. I understand that this is essential for our clients and we take uptime very seriously. Our robust hardware and world class data facility as well as the lower amount of clients we have on a server and our pro-active/reactive service monitoring permits us to run at absolute efficiency and maintain our great service record. In the event that a hardware failure is beyond recoverable we have nightly backups of our clients’ data and we are able to get their web sites back up quickly and efficiently.

#3. Customer Satisfaction

I understand that not all our customers are alike. We have some customers who understand all of the technical nuances of web hosting and have the capability of opening their control panel and doing everything themselves. We also have customers who are completely new to hosting a web site and having their own emails and we know that the experience can be intimidating and that some of our customers will need a fair amount of hand holding. We work to cater to all those tech savvy customers, all the “newbies” and everyone in between.

I know customer support is a huge part of the satisfaction of our clients experience with our company. We focus heavily in this area to make sure that we have friendly, qualified English speaking technicians to assist our clients, 24x7x365. We also make sure that we have systems in place to expedite information to our clients so that we may provide them with correct information or resolve any of their issues quickly and effectively. If you aren’t satisfied with our service for whatever reason, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

#4. Industry Leading Green Web Hosting

Many people are surprised when we tell them that the internet is not green and that by no means is the web hosting industry eco-friendly. In fact studies show that by 2005 the web hosting industry used as much energy to power their servers as the equivalent of 14 major power plants. Studies have shown that by the year 2020 that the web hosting industry will be as big of a polluter as the airline industry. Together we can curb that.

In order to compensate for the polluting power we pull from the grid we purchase wind energy credits for the energy we consume from the grid. In fact we replace, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by our servers, so if we pull 1X of power from the grid we purchase enough wind energy credits to put back into the grid 3X of power having been produced by wind power. Your website hosted with Tarzon Host will be powered by 300% wind energy, making your website’s carbon footprint negative!

Tarzan Host commitment to going green extends beyond our own company and the customers we serve. We look at the direction of the web hosting industry and we saw that unless we started to turn the tide sooner rather than later that our industry was headed for an environmental calamity. In addition we saw secondary benefits to promoting green energy hosting through the web hosting community and how individual web sites could help to promote a more eco friendly consciousness through the web. I sincerely hope that you will choose a certified green web hosting provider, even if you do not choose to host your site with Tarzan Host.

#5. My Personal Commitment To You

The success of this company depends on your satisfaction as our customer now and into the future. This is why we invest in high end hardware, data systems, great support personnel and feature rich web hosting applications. Our commitment to your long term satisfaction with our hosting service is paramount to everyone here.

We are proud of the company we have become and we are confident of our future. We will continue to make the necessary investments in all areas that provide great service and support for your web hosting. We look forward to serving you and your web hosting needs now and for many years to come.

I greatly appreciate your consideration for choosing GreenGeeks as your web hosting service provider.

J K Badani, CEO — TarzanHost.com

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