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About Us

Best priority to the service and this is the dream of Ananta Joti Pest Control which enjoys a better position among the competitors in Bangladesh. We have sophisticated technologies to ensure you the most comprehensive and effective pest solutions. We use public health registered, least toxic and most effective pesticide giving specific emphasis on health, safety and protection of your premises.We offer special packages for residential building, apartments, shopping malls, Garments industries, Pharmaceuticals industry, all kinds of industry.We are always at your better service.


Pest Control :
Insect & Roaches Control
Mouse Trappe Glue Trap
Termite Control
Mosquito Control
Cockroaches Control
Fumigant Tablet
Fumigant-Insecticide Tablet
Snake Barrier
Traps all Flying insects

Others Works :
Security Guard
Cleaning & Maintenance
House Rent
House Shifting
Land & Property Development
Real Estate

Insect & Roaches Control : Spray & Fumigation, Containing to atmosphere it releasePhosphate fume & fog, which is moderate toxic & kills insect.
Termite Control : Spray, Drill, Hole, Trance Barrier etc.

Mouse Trappe Glue Trap : It is an non-poisonous & control rat, mouse, roses & fly's it must be on a piece of board and put in the area where the rat, mouse, rose & fly's move they get stuck to the board.
Mosquito Control :

Fly Catcher : Traps all types flying insects * No pollution no odor * Safe usable food service area.
Snake Barrier :

Security Guard : Commercial & Industrial.
Fumigant Tablet : Containing aluminum phospide, upon exposure to atmosphere it release phosphine gas, which is highly toxic and kills pets.

Rent-A-Car :
Cleaning Service : Scope of work : Floor, Carpet, Door & Partition, Furniture, Vanishing Blind, Light & Fan, Glasses, Ceiling, Stair, Toilet.

House Shifting :
House Rent :

Land & Property Development :
Real Estate :

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