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Karnofully Fartilizer Company Limited KAFCO

Rangadia, Karnaphuli,
GPO Box-1010,
Established: 1993
Opening Hour
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday Closed
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Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Limited (KAFCO) is a 100% export oriented international joint venture company.
Established in Bangladesh with the shareholding and support of the governments and private sectors of Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark and the Netherlands, KAFCO is the largest joint venture investment in Bangladesh. KAFCO markets its products to many countries around the world.
The KAFCO plant is a fully integrated complex, it lies on 55 acres of land, located in Rangadia, Anowara, Chittagong just alongside the Karnaphuli river. The company employs a total of over 600 people at it's plant site and corporate office in Dhaka. Most of those employed at plant site live in the company's housing colony built 3km down from the plant on 16 acres of developed land. The housing colony incorporates a school, medical clinic and recreational facilities for the benefit of the company's employees.

The KAFCO complex produces high-grade granular Urea and anhydrous Ammonia. The facility consists of an ammonia plant, urea plant, and a urea granulation unit, all supported by captive power generation.

KAFCO's corporate office is in Bangladesh's capital city, Dhaka.

KAFCO produces and markets two products: granular Urea and anhydrous Ammonia. The annual availability of granular urea is 0.68 million MT and ammonia is 0.15 million MT.


The ammonia plant uses Haldor Topsoe A/S technology

Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia

Product: Anhydrous Ammonia
Ammonia : 99.50% by weight minimum
Nitrogen: 81.90% by weight minimum
Moisture: 0.50% by weight maximum
Oil : 10 ppm by weight maximum
Temperature: -33oC or lower


Ammonia : 99.75% by weight
Nitrogen : 82.10% by weight
Moisture: 0.25% by weight(seasonal)
Oil : 1.00 ppm by weight
Temperature: -33oC


The Urea and Granulation plant is based on Stamicarbon bv technology

Granular Urea

Product: Granular Urea
Characteristics : White , granular , free flowing
Nitrogen : 46.0% by weight minimum
Moisture : 0.5% by weight maximum
Biuret : 1.0 % by weight maximum
Particle Size : Between 2 mm - 4 mm (minimum 90%)
Bulk Density : 750 kg/ m3


Nitrogen : 46.2%
Moisture : 0.25% - 0.35% by weight (seasonal)
Biuret : 0.9% by weight
Particle Size : Between 2 mm - 4 mm (minimum 93%)
Bulk Density : 735 - 750 kg/ m3
SGN : 295-305
UI : 45-50

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