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To cater mid and longer term financial needs in order to meet diversified requirements of the broad spectrum of clientele comprising Local Corporate Houses and Multinational Companies operating in Bangladesh, we offer a range of financial services which includes, but not limited to:
1.Project Financing:
IIDFC provides project financing for setting up new project or expansion of existing project or enhancement of production capacity or a new concern of an existing group in different sectors.
• The project must maintain a certain Debt-Equity ratio required by IIDFC Ltd.
• Loan tenure varies from 2 (two) to 6 (six) years based on product type.
• Generally repayment through monthly or quarterly installments. However, different
repayment structure is available depending on the nature of the project and financial product.
2.Lease Financing:
IIDFC provides asset backed financing against procurement of necessary industrial machinery and equipment, vehicles and other productive assets for both manufacturing and service industries under leasing arrangement.
Financing against any of existing (already procured / in use) industrial machineries, commercial equipments, office equipments, generators, vessels, engines etc under sale & lease back arrangement.
Leasing provides financial flexibility and tax benefits to enterprises for procurement of capital assets without blocking their own funds.
• Financing may be extended up to 100% of the cost.
• The Lease tenure may vary up to 2 to 5 years.
• Rentals may be equal monthly or quarterly installments. Structured payment is available depending on nature of cash flow.
• Legal ownership of the asset remains in the name of IIDFC throughout lease period and the ownership is transferred at the end of Lease term after full repayment of the liability.
3. Term Loan
IIDFC finances any business concern with sound financial track record, to meet up various regular capital / fixed expenditures like expansion of production line, modernization of manufacturing process, extension of capacity and space etc.
• Loan tenure varies from 2 (two) to 5 (five) years
• Repayment through monthly or quarterly installments. Different repayment structure is available depending on the nature of the project.
4. Bridge Finance:
IIDFC provides fund to financially viable projects for any interim period of time. The loan tenure may vary from 1 (one) to 2 (two) years.
5. Club Finance:
IIDF arranges Club finance for larger amount fund requirement of clients in participation with other Financial Institutions. Type of facilities ranges from lease financing to a mix of lease and banking products.
6. Refinancing of Existing facilities:
IIDFC refinances existing good quality liabilities for more flexible repayment options, release working capital, etc. The terms and conditions of repayment are similar to term loan.
7. Work Order Finance/Factoring
To meet up the working capital requirements, IIDFC offers Work Order Finance/Factoring Facility to business concerns against receivables with their institutional buyers/customers.
8. Project Finance through IPFF
IIDFC is an IPFF participatory financial Institution of IPFF (Investment Promotion Financing Facility) of Bangladesh Bank. As an IPFF agent of IIDFC can finance Infrastructure development projects; like, Power Plants, Roads, Bridges, and ETP etc at very competitive rate.
9. Advisory Services
A team of highly dedicated experts provides consultancy services and carries out feasibility studies, technical and financial evaluation, market research, market risk analysis etc. If necessary, IIDFC may also co-opt well reputed experts from the market.
10.Agro Based Finance
IIDFC receives refinancing from Bangladesh Bank against Agro Based project financing. In this arrangement IIDFC can finance Agro Based projects meeting certain criterion of Bangladesh Bank in relatively lower rates.

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