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Core International

Core International
147/3 DIT Extension Road
Suite # 02, 4th Floor
Nayapaltan, Dhaka-1000
Opening Hour
Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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Bangladesh is an agriculture based country. Our main profession is agriculture and 62% of total population engaged in agriculture production. Total agriculture cropped land available is 13.74 million hectare. At present agriculture sector contributes 23.50% to National GDP. Agriculture production is following still extensive. So all produced crops / vegetables are purely organic. This is the prime reason why Bangladesh origin vegetables demand increase day to day in the international market.

Export Packing : 5Kg / 10Kg Corrugated Box with sufficient whole for air pass

Available Products :

• Ash Pumkin • Pumpkin • Bitter Gourd • Arum • Snake Gourd • Ribbed Gourd • Spiny Gourd • Long Bean • Brinjal Long • Brinjal Round (Green) • Brinjal Round (Purple) • Green Papaya • Paleveal / Patal • Long Root of Arum (Lati) • Bulbous Root of Arum (Mukhi) • Green Banana • Season Crop Potato (Notun Alu)

• Arum Leaves • Beans Seed • White Potato• Red Potato • Elephant Leg • Lime (Green) • Arum Stick • Sourball• Cucumber • Banana Flower• Tamarind • Beans (White) / (Black) / (Flat) • French Beans • Onion Leaf (Green)• Master seed Leaf• Coli Flower• Cabbage • Carrot etc.

Core International as a vegetable exporter having its establishment at capital city Dhaka assisted with multiple vegetable collection centers at densely cropped areas of the country. As a result, we are capable to collect fresh farm raised vegetables at the shortest possible time, process it in our won establishment and load for destination from H.S.J Int’l Airport, Dhaka.
We developed integrated team works to source out right product and ensure the quality & freshness and in time transportation of our products.

BT HLSO Raw BT HLSO Block Frozen BT PD Cooked Tailon IQF BT PD Blanched IQF BT PD Skewer BT Peeled HO Tailon IQF BT Raw PD Tailon IQF

Bangladesh is a South East-Asian country having 710 kms long coastline mostly lies with Khulna-Satkhira and Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar region. The country has 0.17 million Km2 of exclusive economic zone in the Bay of Bengal. There are about 0.14 million Hactor of coastal land under traditional shrimps aquaculture. Annual production of farm-raised and wild caught shrimps and prawns stands more than 0.12 million MT. Seafood is the second highest export item of the country of which shrimps and prawns contribute 90% Extensive cultured and wild caught shrimps / prawns are highly admired throughout the word for freshness and true natural character . So Bangladesh origin shrimps / prawns product demand increased in the international market.


English Name
Scientific Name
Season of Availability

Black Tiger Shrimp Fresh Water Prawn Harina (Brown) Shrimp
Penaeus monodon Macrobrachium rosenbergii Metapenaeus monoceros
March to November September to January March to November

Sea White Shrimp
Penaeus indicus
November– February






Harina / White PUD
71/90-91/120-100/200-200/300-300/500 & Broken


Block Frozen
6x4Lb / 6x1.8kgs / 6x1.5kgs / 6x2kg / 6x800Gms

Semi-I.Q.F/ I.Q.F
10x2Lb / 5x2Lbs / 10xkgs / 10kg Bulk / 20x500Gms / 20x400Gms


• HLSO raw Block • HLSO raw IQF • Easy Peel raw Block / IQF • PDTO (Tailon) raw Block / IQF) • P&D (Tailoff) raw Block / IQF • P&D Skewer raw Semi-IQF • HOSO raw Semi IQF • HOSO raw IQF
• Body Peeled HO Tailon Semi IQF • PUD raw Block / IQF • P&D (Tailoff) Blanched IQF • HLSO Blanched IQF • PUD Blanched IQF • PDTO (Tailon) Cooked IQF • P&D (Tailoff) Cooked IQF • Cooked PUD IQF / Block Frozen

As a seafood (Shrimps / Prawns) buying agent in Bangladesh Core International having its liaison office in Dhaka and regional offices in two shrimps / prawns producing regions in Khulna and Chittagong , with qualified Quality Control Personnel. We provided integrated logistic support, harvest and market information, in-process product monitoring and pre-shipment inspection including supervision. We works with EU & USFDA approved packers who comply HACCP appliance and maintain EU standard. Since 1999 we are serving to our valuable buyers from USA, Europe & Russia for procurement of Bangladesh origin frozen BT Shrimps & FW prawns products with well reputation.

BT HOSO Semi IQF FW HOSO Semi IQF FW HLSO Ez Peel Raw FW HLSO Raw FW HLSO Blanched IQF PUD Block Frozen PUD Cooked IQF

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