When is going bear-back in a relationship acceptable?

So, the other night me and a few mates were having a drink when this age-old debate pops up, when is going bear-back in a relationship acceptable? And it really got me thinking. Is there a set out acceptable time frame? Do you insist of a sexual health check-up first? Do you discuss contraception? Do you just wing it and dive right in?

When you think about all the possible outcomes for such a dissension you do have to wonder if there is some unspoken rule.


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Mercedes not her real name tho, when she met a friend who recently started work as an escort in London she too decided to give it a go just to see what it’s like being an escort in a big and develop city like London.

We interviewed her over the phone on a quite Saturday evening and her responses was fantastic. Have a read!!

Who are you?

I am a twenty-one-year-old English undergraduate student.

what do you do?

I work as an escort, by day I’m a PA in a well know organisation here in London, by night, I am dressed up and flashing like a rapper’s bling bling lol.

How long have you been working as an escort?

I officially started a week ago but it feels like I have been in it longer though.

How did you begin doing this kind of work, & what drove you to begin?

I have always wanted to be an escort for years as a teenager, I was flag basted by sex, at my age who isn’t but it wasn’t the carnal, sensation-driven frenzies I was curious about, but the psychological and social mechanics behind it. Why would somebody want to sleep with this idea? What kind of images does one need to project to get the other person off? I wasn’t interested in sensation at all; I didn’t enjoy the actual act of sex for years. It all seemed incredibly barbaric and primal to me, though I now appreciate that aspect of it.

This anxiety just grew bigger and bigger has time progresses when I was sixteen there were many that was memorable to me like pumpum.co.uk I also read a couple of book before discovering pumpum.co.uk I didn’t know much about what escort work was like, I may have been naive but it gave me some idea about this kind of work

After some years I got into uni and started living on my own freedom was my next of kin lol I met a lot of guys them the sex was just casual I wasn’t paid for it though after a while I came to the realisation that people doesn’t really care or I didn’t matter as much to people as I thought, and people didn’t really matter to me as much as I thought also all this then gave me an open mind about what matters to me the most.

One-day I meant a friend who was so interested in the kind of work just as I am everything changed on that one day. we consider how we could progress together and one day while doing a research online we stumble into pumpum.co.uk and we knew immediately we were facing the right direction, she started first and her enthusiasm drove me to finally see it for myself and since then it’s been a wonderful experience.

Love xx


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The word love can be very complicated, because generally People are very complicated. We are all seeking that special connection, however the truth is that we all have a natural built in resistance which seems to be constantly pushing back against what we feel our ideas of happiness are.


Remembering that a little self love goes a long way. However a lot of us crave love from others yet subconsciously we can’t help driving it away. this is usually due to the fact that we feel unlovable within our self us. It is not until this issue is properly addressed that it will continue to shake any relationship you have. Thankfully there is a cure and it is to quite simply remember that practicing self love allows for an openness that in turn will welcome love from another. It seems a very simple notion but structuralism is a difficult concept if you don’t get it. Once you learn to love yourself everything else will fall into place. How can you really expect someone else to love what you yourself don’t? In the end it will lead to self destruction and ultimately another failed relationship. but if you can grasp the importance of changing this state of mind, you become more at peace with loving and carrying for yourself that when someone worthy does come along all the positivity of your own self worth will only benefit your overall loving and excepting loving from another.


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Holidays could be the Best Time to Meet Someone Online

Online dating is more popular during the holiday seasons, likeValentine’s Day, Christmas, summer break and so on, not only do you have more free time to sift through dating profiles, you’ve also got more time to go on dates. It’s also the time when people are more likely to get invited out, for weddings, the dredged Christmas party etc and let’s be honest no one wants to be alone especially for these. when you are single browsing through dating sites like tagged, Facebook etc can make you feel like every one in the whole world is coupled up except you. Obviously that is entirely not true it’s simply because you are not and you want or need to be. Just remember when lonely hearts meet magic can happen but you have to want it. If you really want it you need to close the Facebook browser and swap those news-feed happy couple photos for some photos of eligible singles also looking for the perfect remedy for their own lonely hearts. Try a quality site like Pumpum.co.uk which is specifically tailored to career-focused singles with high standards and set clear expectations from the start.

You really do need to leave the club and bar pickup scene. It’s a crowd for college kids looking for nothing more then to enjoy the night. You need someone you can call when you home alone on a cold, winters night and there is nothing better than staying in, setting up a fire and enjoying a glass of wine whilst enjoying some adult company.

So this season, don’t avoid the mistletoe. Get yourself in the holiday spirit and head online to find someone special to start making some new holiday memories with.

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What is the best sex positions for a quickie?

Yes we just went there! what is your go to positions when time is of the essence but you still what to make an impact if you know what I mean ?

Just imagine your about to met your partner or your friend with benefits (FWB) for lunch skipping the starter and mains and heading straight for dessert but you have no intention on eating any food. However you still want to savour every single minute you have before needing to return to work.

What is your go to position and why?

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